As the pace of change in today’s professional organizations accelerates, leaders and employees alike are being challenged to grow, transform, and adapt quickly.  Organizations need leaders and teams who make bold commitments and build the capacity to fulfill them.

Imprint designs custom development programs and provides coaching services to integrate learnings and sustain results.  Our innovative leadership development and high-performance team programs are designed to:

  • Increase self-awareness and emotional intelligence
  • Build resilience and increase capacity to adapt to change
  • Use real-world experiences that are backed by the latest research in neuroscience
  • Develop skills for connection, collaboration, and coordination
  • Emphasize both results and relationships
  • Cultivate mindfulness and the mastery of attention


From small businesses to large corporations, Imprint specializes in workplace culture transformation with an emphasis on connecting business outcomes to the human dimension of business.

In order to cultivate change, Imprint will work with you to identify structural barriers, leadership behaviors, mindsets, and assumptions that limit effectiveness. Successful culture transformation must be connected to your current business strategy. Imprint uses both qualitative and quantitative assessments to understand the current culture, identify the ideal culture, and recommend levers for change.

To complete implementation of any culture transformation initiative, we offer the following services:

  • Culture assessments: Organizational Culture Inventory and Organizational Effectiveness inventory, stakeholder interviews, and team effectiveness survey
  • Culture report with recommendations for areas of opportunity to support strategy
  • Design a customized culture transformation plan or program
  • Education and coaching for leaders and stakeholders
  • Company-wide execution with pulse checks to measure change

Accredited in The Culture Journey Experience created by Human Synergistics and Root Inc.

Organizational culture and its impact on individuals, organizations, and even society are constant topics of interest.  Culture has finally become a part of leadership team discussions at most organizations.  Unfortunately, few truly understand it despite most CEOs reporting culture as being critical to business success.

This interactive experience helps leaders and change agents understand the complexities of culture, leadership, and their connection to performance in an accelerated environment. 


Research shows, and it is our belief, that exceptional sustainable results are built on the attitudes and skills of a conscious business. A conscious business successfully integrates three dimensions for exceptional, sustainable results:

  • Impersonal (IT):  Return on Investment (ROI), growth, profitability
  • Interpersonal (WE):  culture, high trust relationships, and community
  • Personal (I):  well-being, engagement, and self-actualization

Michelle is a member of Axialent’s faculty network, the global leader in conscious business transformation.