Imprint designs and delivers innovative and highly experiential learning programs and workshops, customized to support your business objectives.  Programs typically include a combination of in-person, online, and virtual learning modalities and provide ample space for practice, reflection, and sharing. Workshops are typically one-day or half day transformative leaving experiences.


Learning journeys are typically 6-month, one-year, or multi-year engagements to facilitate long-term, sustainable transformation.

Examples of some of the programs we have designed, co-designed, and delivered:

Driving Change: A multi-year leadership development program on Driving Change, Change Levers, and Tools, and Adapting to Change to develop cohorts of change agents for organizational culture transformation and increase diversity in the leadership pipeline including diversity of thinking, background, technical expertise, role in organization, gender, and ethnicity

Amplify: A 4-month group coaching program for emerging leaders emphasizing Emotional Intelligence, Self and Relationship Management, Mindsets, Values Based Leadership, 3D Success, and Difficult Conversation Skills

High-Performance Leadership Teams:  A one-year high performance team program for C-suite leaders to create a stronger team culture, align around standards and purpose of working together, develop leadership mindsets, skillsets including Communication, Conflict, and Execution, and structures for high performance and growth

WE: A nine-month culture change program designed for organizations looking for an innovative approach to creating inclusive and equitable workplaces and ending gender inequity.  Contextualized to address personal and organizational barriers to change; engages men as advocates, partners, and champions; brings men and women together in solution building; uses dialogue as a tool for transformation; teaches specific techniques and practices that are actionable and evidence-based; includes cross gender mentoring and individual coaching to support personal transformation.

Train the Trainers:  Customized training programs to scale program deployment through internal facilitators or coaches.  Examples include a virtual program to train 18 coaches to coach for a global corporate leadership pipeline program, a blended program to train 9 facilitators to deliver a gender and leadership program, and a classroom style program to train 20 subject matter experts to deploy Oracle BA Analytics.

Contact us for a needs assessment to learn more about how our customized programs and workshops can support your business objectives.


Workshops or off-sites are typically one-day or half-day learning experiences to begin a transformation.

Examples of some of the workshops we have designed, co-designed, and delivered:

Mindfulness at Work:  A one-day session to share the benefits and science behind mindfulness and experience mindfulness practices to cultivate a regular mindfulness practice. 

Team off-sites:  Customized and interactive off-sites to facilitate connection, collaboration, coordination, and enhance performance.

Manager as Coach:  This workshop teaches managers coaching skills including presence, active listening, curiosity and inquiry, and effectively designing commitments. 

Vision + Values:  This workshop is designed to capture the authentic core values, vision, and shared purpose of your organization.  At the heart of this work is discovering what you are truly committed to and expressing this with clarity, consistency, and constancy as part of your organizational culture.

Contact us for a needs assessment to learn more about how our customized programs and workshops can support your business objectives.